Maths Magician 數學魔法師


數學 的活動,培養學生的邏輯思維能力,奠下牢固的數學基礎結合
語言功能。讓學生探索數學 , 接觸懂得數學概念,例如:數字、形狀、類別、比較、分
類、時間、貨幣、單位數 、 雙位數加減法等。


Maths Magician:

The Maths Magician class cultivates students' logical thinking ability through fun
mathematical activities and lays a solid mathematical foundation combined with language
functions. Let students explore mathematics and get in touch with mathematical concepts,
such as numbers, shapes, categories, comparisons, classifications, time, currency, unit
numbers, double digit addition a nd subtraction, etc.


Maths Magician 數學魔法師

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